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2 August
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mommy, can i go out and kill tonight?
To begin with, i wanna make something clear. This journal is partially private. Meaning, some entries about my personal life are going to be locked so they will only be visible to my friends. Don't feel offended if you can't read them, i do this because of a reason. If you really have any interest in my personal life, leave me a comment, send me a message, an email, add me to your friends, something, and i'll add you. You're warned, though; you're probably not going to like all the contents posted here, and i'm really not nice with hate comments, my friends know that pretty well.

Now, let's keep going.

My name's Nadia, I'm 22 and I live in Hurlingham, Buenos Aires, Argentina. You'll notice by that (and my writting, of course), that english is not my first language, nor I ever studied it other than school (and believe me, school's english sucks big time here), but I do my best to make me an understandable human being (in more than one sense, btw).

I live with my mom, I have three cats and a dog and I attend to Moron's University (hahaha, funny name, I know xDDD Moron is a city). I study Graphic Design, with a degree on publicity. I attempt to finish my studies and then move with my brother, who lives in Candiac, QC, Canada (at least, those were my plans 'till last holidays... now i'm not really sure i want that). I also have a sister, who's married and has two lovely kids and a husband that's not so lovely, and a dad, who lives in the center of the city. I also attempt to play electric guitar and form a band some day, but I don't know if I'll be able to do that. Bummer.

I'm a very realistic person in general; don't really allow myself to dream. Some people say it's good, some people say it's bad. I personally think it sucks, at certain point it looks like i'm always comploting against myself (it always backfires to me when i don't really need it), but i can't help the way i was raised, really. I try to do my best though, to let my imagination fly sometimes and transport me to better places, at least for a while.

I love music; I listen mostly punk, rock, hardcore and metal (and a mix of all that). Some bands include: LeATHERMOUTH, The Misfits, Blink 182, Green Day, Pencey Prep, MCR, Foo Fighters, HIM, Rise Against, Billy Talent, Nightwish, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Charlie 3, Rancid, Distillers, The Birthday Massacre, Metallica, From first to Last, Black Flag, The Bronx, Gallows, Alesana, Sonata Arctica, Placebo, Carajo, Children of Bodom, Nirvana, The Cure, Guns N' Roses and many, many more. What can I say?, I just love music.

I'm a huge frerard and slash fan in general, so if you don't like it, well... I don't really think you should be reading my journal xD it's not because I'm elitist or something like that, it's just because I don't want you to be reading something that could damage you mentally. Of course I wouldn't really mind that, but anyway...

I love reading books, my fave genre is horror; i'm a huge fan of Stephen King and Anne Rice books. I also love horror movies, my fave ones include Sleppy Hollow, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Interview with the vampire, A Clockwork Orange and many more.

And that's it, I don't know what else to write... o.o as you noticed too, I'm a really friendly person, who likes to meet people from all the corners of the world; I'm outgoing (not always, but most of the time)... and... o.o idk. If you like, you can add me to your msn or aim =) just don't be agressive to me if I can't talk always or I don't get online much often (college = busy life).

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