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15 March 2010 @ 03:52 am
Do you suffer from occasional or frequent insomnia? Do you have any special tricks or remedies? How does it impact your life?

Apparently this question was made for me. The answer is yes, i suffer from insomnia, and pretty frequently lately. Two weeks ago i went to sleep at 10 pm, and woke up at 3am, completely sleepless and stood awake until... 10am or something like that. Last night something similar happened, but i went back to sleep at 5:30am. I have no idea why is this happening, and my only special trick is waking up early, so i'm devastated when the night comes and i can sleep better. It seems to work sometimes, other times it's just useless. I get home after going out and i'm completely exhausted, i fall asleep and i wake up in the night, unable to go back to sleep again.

I think i should see a doctor about this; it's not even funny anymore (it never was anyway). I have to see too many doctors anyway... *sigh* i hate doctors with a passion. But well, i'll get my papers from college and will sign up for my medical insurance again and will visit them. I promised this a long time ago, but since it's never a priority in me to take care of my health (why would i lie to you, guys, it's the damn truth and we all know that, i just like complaining and being whiny about how shitty my health is) and it's starting to get really fucked up i'll do this so you guys don't have to hear me complaining anymore in the future =).
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11 March 2010 @ 07:06 pm
TUESDAY: Inglés II - 8hs to 12hs
WEDNESDAY: Historia del Diseño II - 18hs to 21hs
FRIDAY: Psicología de la Comunicación - 9am to 12am
SATURDAY: Informática Aplicada al Diseño IV - 11hs to 14hs

Not so bad, i believe (nothing compared to the last semester, i guess). At least, this semester i don't have to wake up on saturdays at 6am, thank Lord. Will have to do on tuesdays, but i don't think i mind that much, probably 'cause it's tuesday anyway. One thing i'm glad: i don't have to course on mondays *Garfield moment* i hate mondays.

I'm finishing Heaven Help Us, and i've already printed out, made the covers of and ring-binded my copy of I Have Been All Things Unholy. I need to ask permission to the fanart artist (i had to re-draw the original fanart in order to print it so it wouldn't come out in terrible quality considering the sizes and the kinds of paper i used for them) before posting some pictures of it, but if i get it i will post them asap as i'm kinda proud of it and i wanna show you guys what i did.
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09 March 2010 @ 08:03 pm
Date: March 15th.

don't wanna start classes again!

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03 February 2010 @ 12:10 am
It's time.
It can't wait anymore, seriously.

You know me, people. I normally don't like pop music at all. I usually just change the station or change the channel when i see a pop music video or hear a pop song. I don't like popular, comercial music with coreographies and all (because usually that's what pop music is to me, i haven't seen one single pop singer that doesn't do that). There are some very little weird exceptions, but mostly they're pretty much all the same. But you know, i respect some artists, the real ones, teh ones that can actually sing and compose their own music. That actually know the notes, that can actually tune and that don't do playback on live shows, even if they dance and have to manage their breathing and all to make a good voice and a nice performance alltogether. Even if it's pop music.

And because i respect real artists and all, i have to finally face it and admit it.
Ladies and gentlemen, i like Lady GagaCollapse )
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28 January 2010 @ 10:26 pm
I'm starting to think that having a stupid facebook was a really bad idea...

Daniela Gruschky dice:
Que bueno que tenes facebook!
Ya me habia olvidado de tu cara...
Como estas?

Nadi Wityk dice:
jejejeje vamos igual entonces
todo bien, en casa de mi hermano, disfrutando de las anheladas vacaciones. vos?, todo en orden?

Daniela Gruschky dice:
Yo bien, nada de vacas.. Tengo q rendir anato el 5 y el 9!
Asi q me la pase estudiando..
Nunca un verano en paz no?
Pero bueno, es lo q hay.. El otro dia con la Mu nos acordabamos de vos.. y de tu vida tan ocupada (ya q nunca nos vemos)..
Espero q cuando vuelvas nos veamoss..
Yo tengo ganass..
Como anda todo por Canada?
Tu mama?
Un beso para ella y otro para vos.

What are you supposed to reply to that crudeness?... i don't even think i will. First of all, if you wanna see me so badly, and for real, not just to tell me "hey, are you dead or something?, wtf?", why don't you just pick up the phone and dial my number?, 'cause like, it was my birthday and the only thing i got from you was a simple "happy birthday" on stupid Facebook, not even an email or a phonecall, when, for instance, Gustavo (a boy from school with whom i used to get allong pretty well but never nothing too serious, just... good classmates and friends) actually called me and asked to pass by (and that's why exactly i did the same on yours). I mean, is this even rational?... is this what old friends do?. Alright, i have to admit that the old friends don't actually stop seeing each other for more than a year, i suppose, but just.. i don't know. I have no interest. Not when every time i see you you're talking about how we don't see eachother more often. You work and study, i study and you actually think you're the best because you study medicine and i study graphic design. So what, big deal, lots of people study medicine and lots of people go through that hell, but they don't believe they're smarter or that they're more than others because of it, just get the fuck over it already. And what's best, i actually... i don't know. I don't know if this ever happened to me, but i feel like... i don't care about you anymore. I don't know, it's like... yeah. I think i don't. You didn't even invite me to your house for a birthday that you actually cellebrated (when you know i don't cellebrate mines).

It's weird. It's usually happening a lot to me. I have stopped caring for so many people... it's... i don't know. It's kinda scary at moments, you know?. All these volatile people... i don't know, seriously. There's the case of Ivonne as well. She pointed up on different signatures than me and Yamila (even though we still had many signatures in common to course and we gave her a paper with all the schedules and comissions we pointed up into), and she chose all the other comissions, all different from ours, and then asking, in the only signature we happened to share (because it was the only comission available, of course) why we didn't show up on the other signatures. And the only signs of life we got from her were only 3 text messages from her during the entire semester, asking for things about college. Not even "how are you" or anything. So yeah, fuck off. And when we asked her for some files from an assignment the three of us did, and that we've been asking for since the end of the past semester (and i got this reply like... two weeks before finishing the semester), the only reply i got from her was "i lost the usb key where the files were, and you know me, i never keep backups of my files, so i lost everything, hehehehehehe". Seriously?. Fuck you. I've been waiting for the file during the entire semester, and i've asked you for it like once a week. I got really mad and i told her "wow, nice... so you lost your usb key (something really common on her, as she loses everything) with our assignment in it... you know, it wasn't only a file you lost, it was an assignment made by the three of us, not only you" and she started saying that i didn't care before about the assignment, blah blah blah, all this nonesense and then she blocked me (this conversation was over msn). And since that very moment, i decided i wouldn't care anymore about her. And i still don't. She never texted me again, she never dropped me a line over Facebook or over msn, nothing. It actually surprised me like two days ago when i was watching the news channel TN (Todo Noticias) over the internet with my mom and my bro at dinner time and i saw her on the news when she was interviewed because of the heat in Buenos Aires. I almost spilled my juice when i saw her and my mom was all "yay, look!, it's Ivonne!". I wanted to throw the computer over the window, swear to god.

I don't even know why this is happening to me now. I think it's because i'm saturated. I don't want any more certain kinds of people in my life, it seems. I don't want anyone blaming me and being acid because we never see eachother, i don't want anyone so volatile, that dreams all the time and has no feelings of settling up, of rooting to someone or somewhere, that just... simply doesn't give a fuck about you. I don't know. My brother a few days ago told me i was going to end up alone like him (i live telling him that he's too fucking hysterical with everything and he has really bad treats and doesn't have any little bit of tolerance and that's the reason he's alone), and i said "i don't give a fuck. We'll probably live together and we'll grow old in the same house, making company eachother". I'm starting to see my future like that, and it kinda scares me. I love my brother, but i don't wanna end up alone like him. Like him and like my dad. People with no tolerance of any kind, closed minds to everything that's not their opinion, calling people ignorants because they don't know something about chemistry, physics or maths.

I really don't wanna end up like that... and i'm scared, because sometimes i feel like i will stay alone, like him. Like them. And i despise the idea.
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27 January 2010 @ 03:21 pm
Wow, i can't believe i forgot doing this this summer... o_o
Let's see... *gets on updating the list mode*

Teh list of doomCollapse )

Alright, so, a pending final exam taken... and 4 more signatures coursed. I know, really fucking light, but wheatever. I don't even wanna think about it, fuck.

Signatures remaining for intermediate title: 7/33
Signatures remaining to finally fucking finish: 10/10
Total: 17
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27 January 2010 @ 03:11 pm
Because i'm bored & i should be posting about something else, here we go.
Oh, and btw, obviously stolen from mememadness.

If i were...Collapse )

Changing subjects, i've been in Dominican Republic last week. It was really cool, and i'm surprised of myself. I wore a bathing suit again after almost 10 years. And got into a pool with people... and in the sea. And no, i wasn't high. I wish i were though.
In any case, i had a nice time, and i thought it was going to be hell. Guess i was wrong.

I was trying to find cool pictures for new icons, but i can't find anything i like enough, so... my icons still remain the same until i find something cool enough.

And please, expect more memes for today, i'm seriously bored.
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27 January 2010 @ 11:41 am
Hey there =P i know, i know, a year with the same layout was freaking me out already, but well, i decided to finally change the layout of this and make some customizations of it, colors, borders and such.

I hope this inspires me a little bit to post more often, mh?

Let's see about that.

ps: I also need new icons to match it better... let's see what happens this afternoon!
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30 December 2009 @ 09:05 pm
It's been around one year or more since the last time i did something for the web, or a computer, and after so much time i thought i had lost the touch, that i would forget how to do those things.
Incredibly, after so long, i made a wallpaper for my computer, featuring Dallas Green, from Alexisonfire and City and Colour. It's not a big deal, i guess... i just wanted to stress this, because it's been really a long while since i did something like this, like the things i used to do when i had genuine free time, the things i used to do all the time when i was in high school.
I miss those times...

click me!

PS.. i don't think it's the best thing ever, but still, it's a miracle that, after so long, i managed to do something like this and not think of college. I'll try to work on something better next time, i promise.
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12 November 2009 @ 09:27 am


*goes to her bedroom to keep ressuming Kant's theory*
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